Clofazimine is chemically a phenazine derivative, mainly used for treatment of leprosy along with other drugs.

Mechanism of action

Clofazimine acts by two mechanisms:

  1. Binds DNA and interferes with replication.
  2. Has redox properties, it is converted into oxygen radicals which act as cytotoxic agents for bacteria.


Drug is mainly absorbed after oral administration. It has high volume of distribution and accumulates in various tissues, reticuloendothelial cells, liver, kidneys, etc.

Half life is very high, more than dapsone (72 hours).


Mainly used for the treatment of leprosy in combination with other drugs.

Adverse effects

  1. Causes discolouration of skin (blackish to brown)
  2. May also cause GIT upsets
  3. Enteritis, which has allergic basis


Same as that of dapsone, 50-100 mg once daily.

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