Dreams in Pregnancy


Pregnant ladies are often found to be worried about their dreams in pregnancy. Pregnancy marks the turning point in the life of a woman especially if it is the very first conception. As a mother, she is able to experience new emotions and feelings. Every expecting mother undergoes some hormonal as well as physical changes during the whole process of pregnancy. She is happy at times, other times sad and stressed due to the hormones which are playing with her emotions.

How mothers to be cope up with the emotional and physical changes is varied. Some are able to experience outbursts of happiness and/or episodes of anger and despair. It is totally normal to feel all this as the body is undergoing changes which are totally new for a female during her very first conception. Mostly second time, mothers become more experienced in handling the hormonal changes associated with mood swings.

Few of the pregnant females experience changes in sleep patterns which is accompanied with a variety of dream changes. These can range from something stressful to happy to total disaster. Every time one decides to take a nap, a new form of dreams are unleashed. Most of these are categorized into nightmares which upset the expecting mother to a great extent. The dreams are very clear, intense in nature and have long term effect on the mother.

Let’s try to find out the possible causes of the very intense dreams known as nightmares:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Anxiety
  • Alteration of sleeping patterns (REM sleep)
  • Unable to find comfortable posture to sleep
  • Frequent awakening as an increased urge to urinate
  • Fear to unexpected future outcome of pregnancy
  • Physical changes


In order to cope up with this phenomenon, one is to make voluntary effort to overcome the fear of having bad dreams. Intake of milk or chamomile tea can soothe the disturbing thoughts and help in sleeping better. Thinking about cheerful thoughts and memories can majorly reduce the frequency of bad dreams. Talking to a friend or counselor can be source of comfort.

Overall, accepting your changing body needs with a positive mind set can help in diminishing the nightmares majorly.

Being pregnant is a pleasant experience which should be welcomed with optimism and the hurdles during the whole process should be tackled with full enthusiasm. In the end, one is going to be blessed with an angel who is going to be the source of unlimited joy after all.

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