Memory Improvement Techniques


Do you have trouble remembering things you need to do, have difficulty in memorizing course work and believe you cannot retain anything? Don’t worry. Here are a few time tested research proven memory improvement techniques and tips which you can apply.

  • Instead of processing information at the shallow level, try to grasp it in terms of its actual meaning
  • Use your brain and relate information with your own experiences
  • If you’ll be tested on what you have learnt, try to learn it in the context it’ll be tested.
  • Never be overconfident about your memories of life events, they tend to be inaccurate.
  • Parallel processing is of no use, never divide your attention between several tasks.

Techniques Related to Practice

Greater the time you spend practicing, more amount of information you will learn.
If you spread your learning trials over time, you will grasp more. This is known as spacing effect.
Always practice retrieving what you have retained, keep increasing the delay period between retrieving information. This is known as expanding retrieval practice.

Mnemonics Using Imagery

Use imagination to create interactions between the items they need to be recalled.
Create similar sounding words to remember the information at hand, this is the keyword method.
When learning a series of items, associate each with a physical location, this the method of loci.

Mnemonics Using Organization

Combine isolated items into meaningful units, called the chunking process.
Arrange items into series of classes, constructing hierarchy.
Compose a word or sentence by using the first letter of each item.
Create a story or a narrative that links series of words together

Improving Prospective Memory

Create mental image for easy future recall, the image must be interactive and vivid.
External memory aids and specific reminders may prove useful

Multimodal Approach

Multimodal approach is the most important; memory improvement must be a comprehensive process, paying minute attention to physical health, mental health, memory, efficacy of the self, and flexible use of all mentioned memory strategies.