Mood Lifters for Bad Mood and Depression


Are you in bad mood for feeling depressed? Don’t worry it is natural. Here are some research proven mood lifters to help you lift your mood.

Aerobic Exercise

One of the most useful mood lifter for bad mood and mild depression is aerobic exercise. The results are best for those who do not exercise often and have a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise alters the physiological state of the body. It places the body in high arousal state from the low arousal state of depression.

This is also the reason why relaxation techniques do not work well with depression as they put the body in a low arousal state.

Give Yourself a Treat

Giving yourself a treat is also a popular mood lifter, this may include hot baths, listening to music, eating good food, or indulging in any other activity one finds pleasing. Shopping and buying oneself a gift is also a mood lifter, especially for women.

Engineering Small Triumph

Engineering oneself a small triumph or easy success is indulging in any long delayed activity which remained to be completed but could not be done due to the busy routine. This may include any chore around the house or any such activity.

Getting well dressed up or putting on makeup to improve one’s self image may also prove helpful.

Cognitive Re-framing

Cognitive re framing is seeing things in a different way. This is seeing  defeat or loss in some positive way, thinking of the beneficial aspects this temporary cause of sadness will bring. This may also include seeing those people around us who are suffering much more than us.

Helping Others in Need

Depression feeds on rumination and self obsession, helping others in need helps in lifting the mood as we empathize with others. Feeling others pain helps lessen our own. Volunteer work, feeding the hungry and other such activities have proven to be effective mood lifters.

Turning to Transcendent Power

Praying is beneficial in all moods, and research has proven it to be a great mood lifter. After all turning to transcendent power has soothing effects on our body and mind.


Crying is thought to break a spell of sadness but actually the idea of a “good cry” is misleading. Crying, instead of lifting the mood only prolongs our miseries. Distractions, such as reading, watching television, sleeping, day dreaming or planning a fantasy vacation trip may break the thinking spell. Caution is distraction must be something one can indulge in fully and forget the worries, otherwise the spell may be prolonged instead of getting reduced.

So get going and forget your worries now.

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